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Capital Development: Warhorse has assisted emerging growth companies and organizations in targeting, locating and finding the capital necessary to sustain and expand operating budgets. One of our current clients is Pritest, Inc., a biotechnology company out of Redmond, Washington. (See the PriTest business summary -- PDF file, requires free Adobe Acrobat reader).

Persuasive & Strategic Communications: George Durazzo has extensive experience advocating for groups, charities and associations espousing a particular point of view. For example, he designed an advocacy strategy for California Cancer Registry Systems (CTR), which sought 100% restoration of its funding. In fact, funding was increased!

Business Plans (Creating, Drafting & Editing): Durazzo started developing winning business plans in the mid-'90s while in Texas, for clients ranging from a multi-unit theme restaurant venture to a romantic travel destination portal.

Corporate Naming: Durazzo started coming up with business names as an amusing sideline, and soon realized he had a knack for coming up with business names that work. He has assisted in the naming of companies such as Silver Bullet Strategies, Mentortek.com, Caffe Diem, and -- of course -- Warhorse Consulting. In the future, he plans to move into the area of sports and stadium naming rights.

Strategic Partnerships: Bringing the right people together to make things happen is a true talent of George Durazzo, and it's a source of pride and continuing accomplishment for him. His huge network of contacts reaches outside the U.S. and is both broad and diverse.

Fundraising: Durazzo has "suffered the slings and arrows in the hell for leather world of political and nonprofit fundraising." He has "earned [his] stripes and, in fact, a few deep red welts from the experience"! His clients have ranged from rich and famous incumbents to Samson-like challengers, Presidential campaigners and the venerable March of Dimes to a new foundation for at-risk inner city youth.

Internet Advocacy & Direct Mail Marketing: Here Warhorse relies on our vaunted strategic partnerships with companies ranging from direct mail firms whose message-crafting is legendary to companies on the cutting edge of Internet advocacy.


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